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ROBERT  McCABE, PE     (Audio Introduction for Attorneys)     (CV in PDF)

Mr. McCabe has over 30 years experience in the materials, failure analysis, metallurgical, welding, and forensic engineering fields.  He has solved materials engineering problems and performed failure analysis on components from petrochemical plants, oil and gas transmission pipelines, offshore structures, ships, pharmaceutical plants, food processing equipment, gas turbine engine components, aircraft, aerospace vehicles, and weldments.

Mr. McCabe investigates the available physical evidence, and performs the necessary tests to develop the most probable accident scenario.  Mr. McCabe simplifies complex engineering theory into easy to understand and useable concepts.  He uses simple analogies, every day examples, and laymen’s terms to explain data and findings so clients, attorneys or jurors may easily understand engineering concepts. 


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1981 Master of Science, Metallurgy
Thesis: "Creep Crack Growth in Rene 95 at 650 and 760 ° C"
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
1979 Bachelor of Science, Materials Engineering


Graduated Magna Cum Laude
Tau Beta Pi (Engineering)
Alpha Sigma Mu (Materials Science and Engineering)


Registered Professional Engineer State of Florida


• Failure analysis • Gas turbine engine components
• Oil and gas pipe lines • Welding and weld evaluation
•Mechanical testing • Forensic documentation
• Ships • Weld procedure qualification
• Heat treatment •  Nondestructive evaluation
• Quality assurance audits •  Metallurgical engineering
• Aircraft / Aerospace • Fracture mechanics evaluation
• Pharmaceutical plants • Food service industry
• Petrochemical plants • Materials selection & processing



Acted as metallurgical and welding technical consultant to corporate engineering and construction fabrication facilities worldwide.   Conducted metallurgical failure analyses of ships, industrial equipment, as well as oil and gas transmission pipe lines.  Established welding procedures and provided technical direction for mechanical and nondestructive testing of weldments.   Evaluated welding consumables and automated welding equipment.  Developed welding procedures for both pipelines and offshore structure construction.  Performed mechanical testing and metallurgical evaluation of offshore structures and pipelines.   Responsible for dye penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic, and radiographic inspection of offshore structures and pipelines.  Responsible for characterizing and optimizing metallurgical and mechanical properties for the prototype flash butt welding project.  This also included enhancing the mechanical properties and nondestructive inspection capability of flash butt welds.

Provided technical leadership for failure analysis, fracture mechanics assessment, welding, nondestructive inspection and testing.   Developed welding procedure qualifications for critical welds including attachment points for aircraft stores.  Provided expertise and technical support in evaluation and selection of materials, welding, heat treatment, soldering, brazing, plating and surface coatings, mechanical testing, materials and process design changes, manufacturing engineering, metallurgical processing, and related areas.  Problem identification and solutions for failures, stress corrosion cracking, fatigue, dissimilar metal corrosion, galling, wear, weld cracking, and evaluation of various weldment or component defects effects on remaining useful life.   Served as consultant and worked closely with customer and contractors’ engineering representatives.  Nondestructive inspection of aircraft and aircraft stores, including radiographic, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, fluorescent particle, dye penetrant, visual and eddy current inspection of components.  Evaluated and solved material problems on castings, forgings, powder metals, weldments, fiber reinforced metal matrix composites, polymeric materials, fiber reinforced polymer matrix composites, electronic boards and solder joints of aerospace and ground support equipment.   Developed alternatives to materials and processing procedure issues in production, and maintenance.  Fracture mechanics analysis of critical airframe components and weldments.

Managed division's heat treatment facilities, and metallurgical analysis laboratory, as well as dimensional and nondestructive inspection staff. Developed welding procedures and heat treatment procedures for titanium, stainless steel and nickel base super alloy components for jet engines.  Project assignments included enhancing brazing, thermal spraying, forming, electrodischarge machining and chemical milling of components.  Acted as technical liaison with customers’ engineering representatives to assure product met metallurgical requirements for aircraft engine components.  Conducted metallurgical failure analyses and acted as metallurgical consultant for the corporation.

Characterized material properties of adhesives, polymers, and metallic materials at the Corporate Materials Research and Development Division.  Evaluated metallic and nonmetallic materials for use in wide range of manufactured components produced at multiple plant sites.        

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